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office: Meridian, 071 College Park Bldg.
office hours: (Spring 2018) Monday, 2:00 - 4:00, Tuesday & Wednesday, 3:00 - 5:00 pm
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I am an instructor of philosophy at Mississippi State University, Meridian, a Mississippi State campus for juniors, seniors, and graduate students. My primary areas of research are philosophy of psychology and philosophy of neuroscience. 

MIT Press recently published my textbook, Argument & Inference: An Introduction to Inductive Logic, which is, as the title suggests, an introduction to inductive logic. It covers the hypothetico-deductive method, inference to the best explanation, Mill's methods, the probability calculus, Bayes' rule, and other related topics. I wrote the textbook to use in my critical thinking courses and I've also used it in Intro to Logic. Dragon Philosophy is a blog about teaching with it.

A word cloud for Methodological functionalism and the description of natural systems (2016).

Some Resources for Students

Stuff to read:, Arts and Letters Daily.

Used books. A good place to start a search for used books is FetchBook.Info.

Rock the vote  To register to vote in Mississippi, fill out and print the voter registration form posted here:

Mail the form to your county's Circuit Clerk. You can also go to the Circuit Clerk's office, get the form, and fill it out there.

Your county's Circuit Clerk is listed here: Mail the form to the Circuit Clerk's address (which is probably a P.O. Box). Go to the court house if you want to fill out the form in person. Do all of this more than 30 days before the election.

In Mississippi, you need a valid form of ID to vote (

Also, in Mississippi, you don't register with a political party, but if you want one:

Some good, free alternatives to Microsoft Office are LibreOffice and OpenOffice.

Citation management. Zotero, a free add-on for the Firefox web browser, is a tool that makes it pretty easy to create reference lists and bibliographies. See also Why Undergraduates Should Love Zotero.

LaTeX is a typesetting program that produces very attractive and professional looking documents (e.g., articles, resumes, CVs, slides). To download the latex package, Windows users can use MiKTeX or TeX Live, Mac users: MacTeX (and this). There are lots of online resources to help new users get started with LaTeX. So, good luck.