Here's some information about buying and getting started with the Wowgo 2S. Or it's coming soon anyway.

I ordered my board on a Saturday and I got it, not on the coming Thursday, but the following one. So, it took 12 days, and that was to get it in Mississippi. It's not Amazon Prime, but it's not too bad.

Controller. ... I'll make a video about this.

When I got my board, the trucks were pretty tight, which meant the board actually felt more stable than I was expecting the first time I rode it, but it was pretty hard to turn. 

I didn't find as much instruction about how loose or tight my trucks should be online as I was expecting, although there is this video: I eventually settled on the principle that, if it were possible, the wheels should come close to hitting the bottom of the board. (Of course, that's not possible on the Wowgo 2S because of the way the board is shaped.) I also found this chart on Reddit, which basically uses the same principle. 

When making adjustments to the trucks (and by the way, that's the largest nut on the underside of the board), I tried to keep the front and the back the same, but erring on the side of having the back one tighter than the front.